Austin Trax Studio Equipment List

Console   Modified Trident Series 65 (16x16 w/36 input on mixdown) with 24 channels of Mega-Mix automation and custom power supply. The console has been completely re-capped with Panasonic FC Series capacitors and upgraded with Burr-Brown and Linear Technologies op-amps

Recording   Sony/MCI JH24/16 2'' 16 track analog

Converters   Apogee Big Ben master digital clock
Benchmark DAC-1
Lavry Le 4496
Apogee DA-16X
Apogee PSX-100 SE
RME ADI-8 DS (8x8)
(2) Tango24 (8x8)

Mic preamps   (2) Telefunken V76s tube preamps
Great River Mp-2MH (2 channel)
Great River Mp-1NV
API 512b
Manley VoxBox
Great River MEQ-1NV
Chandler TG-2 EMI (2 channel)
Studio Technologies Mic-PreEminence (2 Channel)
Trident console (16 channel)

Dynamics   Alan Smart C2 stereo compressor
API 2500 stereo compressor
Crane Song Trakker
Dbx 162 VU stereo compressor
Dbx 166 stereo compressor
(2) Dbx 160x
Urei 1176 LN
Purple Audio MC76
Purple Audio MC77
Empirical Labs EL-8 Distressor
Chandler Ltd-2 (Neve 2254)
Summit TLA-100A
Manley VoxBox
Joe Meek SC-2 stereo compressor
FMR Audio RNC stereo compressor
SPL Transient Designer 4
(2) Valley People Dyna-mite
Drawmer DS 201 dual gate

Equalizers   API 550b
Chandler Germanium Tone Control
Great River MEQ-1NV
Tube-Tech PE 1A
Manley VoxBox
Moog 3 Band Parametric
Sundholm 2100 stereo 10 band graphic

Reverb/ FX   Lexicon 200 reverb
Lexicon PCM 70
Lexicon PCM 91
TC M3000 reverb
Eventide H3000D/SE Harmonizer
Yamaha SPX 90
Yamaha SPX 900
Lexicon PCM 42 delay
Delta Lab DL-4 delay
ADA Std-1 stereo tap delay
AKG BX-10 stereo reverb
Yamaha E1010 analog delay
Roland 301 chorus echo tape delay

  Wendel jr drum sample trigger
Aphex Type B aural exciter
BBE 202R exciter
Opcode studio 64 XTC Midi sync processor
Studio Technologies AN-2 Stereo Simulator

Computers   Custom PC workstation w/ AMD xp 2400
Custom PC workstation w/ Intel p3 1000
Lynx AES/EBU and RME interface
Plug-ins by Waves, Bomb Factory, Antares, Sonic Timeworks,
Steinberg, Voxengo, Sonalksis, WaveMachine Labs and more

Microphones   Neumann U-87
Neumann U-47 fet
Lawson L-47MP tube
(2) Neumann KM 184
(2) AKG 414EB
AKG The Tube
Royer R-121 ribbon
AEA R84 ribbon
Sennheiser 441
(4) Sennheiser 421
(2) EV RE-20
(2) Shure SM-57
Shure SM-7b
Shure SM-81
Beyer M88
Beyer M 201
(2) AKG D-1000
(2) Nakamichi CM300

Direct Box   Little Labs IBP
Radial JVD Mk3
(2) Countryman type 85

Monitors   Westlake BBSM-6
Dynaudio BM6P
Adam A7 w/sub8
Tannoy Reveal
USCO DFW-3 nearfields
Yamaha NS-10s
EV Interface

Amplifiers   Bryston 3B SST
Hafler P-4000
Hafler P-220
(2) Hafler P-225
Crown D-60

Guitar Amps     1974 Hiwatt 100 Dr103 w/4x12 Hiwatt Cab w/ fanes
1973 Marshall JMP 50 watt
1982 Marshall JCM 800 2203 modded by John Suhr
Marshall 2061x 20 Watt
Magic amps Z1
Metroamp 2203
Brownote D'lite 44 ODS
Metroamp JTM 45
Valvetech Hayseed 30
Custom 2x12 cab w/ Weber BlueDog speakers
Mojo Bluesbreaker 2x12 w/celestion/Webers
Swanson 1X12 w/Scumback Alnico
Hermida 1X12 ported w/celestion G12 65
Glaswerks 2x12 w/Scumback M75-H55
Scumback 69' Marshall 4x12 w/Scumback M75s
1958 Fender tweed Super 2x10
1965 Ampeg Jet
1965 Fender Deluxe
1965 Fender Princeton
1966 Fender Bassman
1980 Roland JC-120
100+ vintage and new custom effects boxes and pedals etc. for guitar, bass and whatever


1973 Ludwig Supra-phonic 5''
Pearl Omar Hakim 13x5

Lots of assorted percussion stuff, coffee, tea, water, candles, lava lamp

Gary Greer engineer/producer

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Austin Trax
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